Analogy: Sematic, Letter, Number, Mixed and Figure based Analogy Formula and Tricks with Problem (Question) and Solutions

Definition: A comparison between two things that shows a way in which they are similar.

There are mainly five types of  Question based on analogy-

  1. Sematic Analogy
  2. Letter Analogy
  3. Number Analogy
  4. Mixed Analogy
  5. Figure Analogy

Sematic Analogy

Choose the related word from given alternatives

Example 1-

Calm : Cool : : Abandon: ?

(a) Down

(b) Leave

(c) Attached

(d) Clear

Sol- As ‘Cool’ is synonym of ‘calm’.
Similarly, ‘Leave’ is the synonym of ‘Abandon’.

Example 2-

Create : Destroy : : Fire : ?

(a) Repair

(b) Ice

(c) Anarchy

(d) Weak

Sol- (b) As, ‘Destroy’ is the antonym of ‘Create’. Similarly, ‘Fire’ is the
antonym of ‘Ice’.

Letter Analogy

In letter analogy, letters are generally moved some steps forward or
backward, reversed in whole or in sections or have some common identity between each other.

Example 3-

FIRE : ERIF : : MORE : ?

(a) TISU

(b) EROM

(c) MERO

(d) FIOM






Number Analogy

In this type of analogy, numbers are given in a group pair which bears certain relationship. Relationship is generally based on mathematical operations like addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, squares and cubes of numbers etc.

Example 4-

7:45 :: 5:?

(a) 20

(b) 30

(c) 33

(d) 43

Sol- (c) As, ( 7 x 6)+ 3 = 45

Similarly, (5×6)+3= 33

Mixed Analogy

In this type of analogy, letters and numbers are given, following a certain relationship. The relationship in mixed analogy can be based on the position of the alphabets or letters, sum or product of the position of alphabets or letters etc.

  Example 5-

NEWS: 14,5,23,19 :: PAPER: ?

(a) 16,5,16,1,18

(b) 18,5,16,1,16

(c) 16,1,16,5,18

(d) 32,2,32,10,36

Sol- (c) Each letter is assigned its positional value in
forward order. So, 

PAPER–> 16,1,16,5,18

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