Classification of Computer

Based on Size

Micro Computer

Micro Computer They are the least powerful, yet the most widely used and fastest growing types of computers and are also called ‘Portable computers’. Types are

1. Laptop

2. Personal computers

3. Tablet computers 

4. Handheld computers

5. Personal Digital Assistant (PDA)

 Mini Computer

They are smaller in size, faster, cost lower than mainframe computers. Initially designed for engineering and CAD (Computer Aided Design) calculations but now used
as central computer which is known as server.
e.g. IBM-17, DEC PDP-11, HP-9000 etc.

Mainframe Computer

They have large internal memory storage and comprehensive range of software eg IBM-370 IBM S/390, UNIVAC 1110 etc.

Super Computer

They are the fastest and most expensive machine which have high processing speed and speed is measured in FLOPS e.g. CRAY 1, PARAM etc.

Based on Work

Analog Computer

They are job-oriented computers. They can perform several mathematical operations simultaneously.
e.g. speedometers, seismograph etc.

Digital Computer

They work by calculating binary digits. They perform mathematical calculations and also produce desired graphics, sounds. e.g. Desktop (PC)

Hybrid Computer

They are the combination of analog and digital computers. Machines used in hospitals like ECG and DIALYSIS are the commonly used hybrid computer.

Based on Purpose

General Purpose Computer

They are used to solve variety of problems by changing the program or instructions e.g. to make small database, calculations, accounting etc.

Special Purpose Computer

They are used to solve a single and dedicated type of problems, e.g. Automatic Aircraft Landing, Multimedia Computer etc.

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