Sentence improvement

‘Sentence improvement’ is one of the most important and high scoring section in any competitive examination. Writing a correct syntax is always a desirable attribute in the language. The correct way of writing reveals how polished your grammatical ability is. The technique to attempt Sentence Impovement questions is a variation of spotting errors. Candidates have to go through the … Read more

Rearrangement of sentences

As the word suggests, sentence rearrangement refers to re-arranging a bunch of lines, which are presented in a jumbled manner in the question. Candidates need to arrange the sentences in the correct order and then answer the questions related to the same. Approach to solve the Questions :- Read all the given sentence . Find … Read more

Idioms and Phrases

Idioms & Phrases Meaning Rank and File Ordinary People By fits and starts In short periods, not regularly A wee bit A little Out of the wood Free from difficulties and dangers Under his thumb Under his control At one’s wits end In a state where one does not know what to do Between the … Read more

One Word substitution

List Of One Word Substitution One Word Substitution Generic terms An act of abdicating or renouncing the throne Abdication An annual calendar containing important dates and statistical information such as astronomical data and tide tables Almanac A cold-blooded vertebrate animal that is born in water and breathes with gills Amphibian A story, poem, or picture … Read more

Synonyms and Antonyms

Synonyms And Antonyms List Words Synonyms – Same Meaning Antonyms – Opposites Abate Moderate, decrease Aggravate Adhere Comply, observe Condemn, disjoin Abolish Abrogate, annul Setup, establish Acumen Awareness, brilliance Stupidity, ignorance Abash Disconcert, rattle Uphold, Discompose Absolve Pardon, forgive Compel, Accuse Abjure Forsake, renounce Approve, Sanction Abject Despicable, servile Commendable, Praiseworthy Abound Flourish, proliferate Deficient, … Read more


This is a test to test the reading habit of candidates. Try Yourself See answer table below Directions (Q. No. 01-06) In the following question, four words are given out of which one word is incorrectly spelt. Find the incorrectly spelt word. Try Yourself Question 1-  (a) Tomorrow (c) Temperature (b) Occurence (d) Preferable Try … Read more

Direct and Indirect speech

Narration In English, a statement can be written in two different ways; When aspoken by any person, is written in his words, then it is called direct speechand it is written within inverted commas. Ex: I said to him, “you are a good boy”. And when the statement spoken by any person and else with … Read more

Active and Passive voice

In English, a sentence can be written in two voices-Active and Passive. Active Voice A sentence in active voice focuses on the person or thing doing the action.e.g. Somebody broke the chair. Passive Voice A sentence in passive voice focuses on the person or thing affected by the action. Passive voice is used when the … Read more

Spotting Errors

 You need to spot sentences and error which are grammatically incorrect. This error can be anything.    1. Certain nouns being a singular form represent plurality and therefore, take a plural verb in a sentence. Example: police, clergy, people, peasantry, cattle. Cattle was not grazing in the field (Incorrect) Cattle was not grazing in the … Read more

Sentence completion

Strategies for Sentence Completion:   1. Read the Sentence Use the sentence clues by reading the sentence thoroughly.  Two things make a question difficult: difficult words and sentence structure. If you cannot dissect a sentence to figure out what fits best, you CANNOT crack the question though you know the word meanings.  We need to properly take … Read more