In bronsted lowry concept acid is

(a) Proton donor

(b) electron donor

(c) proton accepter

(d) electron accepter

Correct Answer. (a) Proton donor

The Bronsted-Lowry theory (Proton theory of acid and base) is an acid-base reaction theory, introduced by Johannes Nicolaus Bronsted (Danish Chemist) and Thomas Martin Lowry (English Chemist) in 1923. According to the theory, acid and base react with each other and by an exchange of proton acid, forms its conjugate base and the base forms its conjugated acid.

The Bronsted-Lowry theory is an extended version of an Arrhenius theory of acid-base.

According to the Arrhenius theory, in aqueous solution, acid increases the concentration of H+ ions and base increases the concentration of OH ions. The limitations of Arrhenius theory was, it identifies the reaction of an acid and base only in the aqueous medium.

In bronsted lowry concept acid is proton donor.

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