A computer network is a collection of two or more computers which are connected together to share information and resources.

Types of Computer Network

1. Local Area Network

(LAN) A network that connect a group of computers in a small geographical are a such as home, office, building.

2. Wide Area Network

(WAN) It spans large locality and connects countries together. e.g. Internet.

3. Metropolitan Area Network

(MAN) It is a data network designed for a town or a city. e.g. a cable TV network.

4. Wireless Local Area Network

(WLAN) It uses radio waves as its carrier. Areas may range from a single room to an entire office.

5. Personal Area Network

(PAN) It is used for
communication among computer and different information technological devices close to one person.

6. Virtual Private Network

(VPN) The links between nodes are carried by virtual circuits in some larger network (e.g. Internet) instead of by physical wires.

Network Topology

Topology can be referred as the geometric arrangement of a computer system.
Each computer system in a topology is known as node.It includes bus topology ,ring topology star topology,mesh topology, tree topology.

Communication media

Communication media of a network refer to the network transmission media or the connecting media used in the network.It can be

1. Guided media or wired technologies

It is bound by the cabling system that guide the data signal along specific path. It includes ethernet cable, coaxial cable and fibre optic cable.

2. Unguided media or wireless technologies

It is the transfer of information over a distance without the use of enhanced electrical conductors or wires. It
includes radiowave, microwave, satellite, infrared wave and bluetooth.

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