Profit Loss and Discount: Formula and Tricks with Problem (Question) and Solutions

Cost Price The price at which an article is purchased, is called cost price (CP). Overhead Charges When an article is purchased, there are some expenses like labour, maintenance etc, these charges arecalled as overhead charges. These charges are always added in the cost price. Actual cost price = cost price + overhead charges. Selling … Read more

Percentage: Formula and Tricks with Problem (Question) and Solutions

The meaning of per cent is “per hundred” or “hundredth value”. Per cent is a fraction where denominator is 100 . Percent is denoted by sign ” % “. Important points related to percentage are 1. To convert a fraction or decimal fraction into percentage multiply the fraction by 100. Ex: 0.035%=0.035×100%=3.5% 2. To convert … Read more

Simplification & Approximation: VBODMAS’ Rule, Important Formula and Tricks with Problem (Question) and Solutions

Simplification is a process of reducing a complex expression into a simpler form. VBODMAS’ Rule If there are more than one operation in an expression simultaneously, we have to follow a rule to solve them in a proper sequence. This rule is known as VBODMAS’ rule. This is as follows:- Top to Bottom V – Vinculum or … Read more

Square Root & Cube Root: Prime Factorisation Method, Division Method, Formula and Tricks with Problem (Question) and Solutions

Square The resultant number of a product of a number with itself, is known as square of given number. Square Root The square root of given number is that number whose square is equal to the given number. To represent a square root of a number we use a notation with number.   Perfect Square If square … Read more