Rearrangement of sentences

As the word suggests, sentence rearrangement refers to re-arranging a bunch of lines, which are presented in a jumbled manner in the question. Candidates need to arrange the sentences in the correct order and then answer the questions related to the same.

Approach to solve the Questions :-

  • Read all the given sentence .
  • Find as many mandatory pairs as you can.
  • Decide upon the topic sentence and closing sentence .
  • Move to the options and mark the right answer.


Given below are a few Exm which may help candidates strengthen their grammatical skills:

Try Yourself

See answer table below

Try Yourself

Question 1.

 P. for however elusively, it still knew of harbours and anchors,
of homes to which to return, and barns in which to store the harvest

Q. the works of the early Renaissance and the poetry of Shakespeare vibrate with the compassion for live experience in danger of dying from exposure and neglect

R. yes, it was a genius of courage, not of desperate audacity

S. in this compassion was the creative genius of the age

[SSC CGL (Tier I) 2016]

(a) SQRP

(b) PRSQ

(c) QSRP

(d) RSPQ

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Question 2. 

Children are sensitive

X-to what happens around then and are

Y-enthusiastic about working on

Z-plays that reflect their lives

[SSC CGL (Tier I) 2016)

(a) ZYX

(b) XYZ

(c) ZXY

(d) YZX

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Question 3.

But this does not mean

X-phenomena to the body

Y-is a meaningless expression

Z-that the reference of mental

[SSC CGL (Tier I) 2016]

(a) YZX

(b) ZXY

(c) YXZ


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Question 4.

1. In a first, a robotic exoskeleton device has enabled a 39 years old former athlete, who had been completely paralysed for 4 years

P. this is the first time that a person with chronic complete paralysis has regained enough voluntary control to actively work with a robotic device

Q. the athlete’s leg movement also resulted in other health benefits

R. to control his leg muscles and take thousand of steps

S. in addition to the device, the man was aided by a novel non-invasive spinal stimulation technique that does not require surgery

6. including improved cardio vascular function and muscle.

[SSC CGL (Tier I) 2015]

(a) QRPS

(b) RPSQ


(d) PQRS

Try Yourself

Question 5.

1. Mandela led the battle of freedom against slavery

P. the way was fighting with non-violence and truth

Q. he fought it in a unique way

R. this struggle brought the racists down to the ground

S. many nations got their freedom in this way

6. but some nations still wouldn’t
get the desired freedom.

[SSC CGL (Tier I) 2015)

(a) SPQR

(b) RSPQ


(d) QPRS

Answer table:


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