Sentence completion

Strategies for Sentence Completion:


1. Read the Sentence

Use the sentence clues by reading the sentence thoroughly.
Two things make a question difficult: difficult words and sentence structure.
If you cannot dissect a sentence to figure out what fits best, you CANNOT crack the question though you know the word meanings.
We need to properly take apart the sentences and improve our vocabulary.


2. Structure Words

But, rather, although, however, and, while, but, therefore Look for these words,
They reveal the sentence organization and the hint-blank relationship.
They tell you what kinds of words to look for as they change the thought process in the sentence.


3. Visualize

Before you go to the choices, think of the possible words for the blanks.
  It will save you from wrong choices.  If you know roughly the KIND of words needed, the elimination is much easier.
The word you visualize doesn’t have to be fancy – a general idea is fine.
This is better than trying out the choices to find out “what sounds good.” It is faster and less prone to errors.


4.Come Up With Your Own Answer

Before you read the answers, it can be a good idea to consider what word(s) you would put in the blank(s). 

This can help you eliminate answer choices that are obviously incompatible and point you towards answer choices that are similar to what you would put in the blanks.



Ex- He was accused …..stealing money from the wallet.

(a) for
(b) of
(c) with
(d) to

Ans. (b) Preposition ‘of ‘ should be filled in the blank as phrasal verb ‘accuse of ‘ mean charge with an offence or crime.

Try Yourself

1. He is ……… connected.
[SSC CGL (Tier I) 2016]

(a) respectively

(b) respective

(c) respectably

(d) respectable


Try Yourself

2. After retirement Surti lived…..Australia.
[SSC CGL (Tier I) 2016]

(a) in

(b) at

(c) over in

(d) over at

Try Yourself

3.He ……… the low pay.
[SSC CGL (Tier I) 2016]

(a) moan at

(b) complain about

(c) grumbled at

(d) ran after


Try Yourself

4. What a ……… holiday!
[SSC CGL (Tier I) 2016]

(a) momentous

(b) memorable

(c) momentary

(d) immortal


Try Yourself

5. Many important projects have
reached the final stage of ………..
[SSC CGL (Tier I) 2016]

(a) accomplishment

(b) initiation

(c) resolution

(d) implementation


Try Yourself

6. ……… you live long!
[SSC CGL (Tier I) 2016]

(a) Might

(b) May

(c) Shall

(d) Should

Answer Table:-


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