Which instrument used for finding out wind-direction?

1.magnetic compass

2.Wind vane

3.All of the Above 

4. None of the above

Answer : Wind vane is an instrument to measure wind direction. It is also known as weathervane, it will let you know the direction of wind by pointing in some particular direction.

Explanation : The wind is the movement of air between regions having different pressure. The temperature difference between the regions causes pressure difference, which allows the flow of wind. The rotation of the earth also affects the direction of the wind because of the Coriolis force. The wind has a significant role in determining the weather of a region. In science, we measure every significant factor and evaluate it to our own use. Thus, we measure the speed of the wind and its direction. Anemometer is a device to measure the speed of the wind. A wind vane is a device that measures the direction of the flow of wind. We also call it weather vane.

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