Which ports handled the north Indian trade during the Gupta period?





Answer : Braoch

Explanation : Tamralipti was the exit point of the Mauryan trade route for the south and south-east and Braoch of North India. Excavations at Moghalmari confirmed the presence of Buddhist vihars in the area which was mentioned by Chinese travelers Fa Hien and Xuanzang.

It was located near Rupnarayana river. This place has been mentioned in Mahabharata as a place which Bhima acquired. It was linked by roads with the major towns of that time, i.e. Rajagriha, Shravasti, Pataliputra, Varanasi, Champa, Kaushambi and Taxila.

  • During Gupta period, there was a flourishing external and internal trade.
  • The trades were carried both by land and rivers.
  • During this period the wealth of the Roman Empire reached India through the ports of Kalyan, Chaul, Broach, and Cambay in Western India.
  • Tamralipti was an important port in Bengal. It carried on trade with China, Lanka, Java and Sumatra.
  • In the Andhra region, the ports were Kadura and Ghantasala, Kaveripattanam (Puhar) and Tondail were the ports of the Pandya region.
  • The ports of Kottayam and Muziris were on the Malabar coast.

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